Green Tank

“Ideally, vertical farms should be cheap to build, modular, durable, easily maintained, and safe to operate. They should also be independent of economic subsidies and outside support once they are up and running, which means they should also generate income for the owners”. 

The vertical farm, dr. Dickinson Despommier


New York City 2015. Manhattan. A space almost completely urbanised.

There is a real need of ground to cultivate, because in 2050 the world population will reach 9 billion people and there will not be enough food for everyone.

Nowadays children don’t know what agriculture is anymore and where the food they find everyday on there tables, comes from. How can we conjugate the urban living with vertical farming?

If everything has to match with Manhattan’s new urban park, a re-developed post-industrial ruin, what should we create?

Green Tank aims to be the answer to all these problems linking different needs.