The Gearbox

A dormant beast. A collection of empty organs. Emptiness full of potential. What to fill in? How? How long the guest will be able, or pleased to remain? Who is the guest? Is it a clubber, a top-model, maybe a land-art masterpiece? Or is it an untouchable hologram, an interactive playground involving all your senses? It’s a fact that contemporary art has crossed the boundaries of the organized space, the borderline between different kinds of entertainment is fading away, as well as Nowadays society is asking for fast, economically sustainable and, above all, unforeseeable solutions.

The GEARBOX is a flexible answer to this unpredictable demander. A changing playground, able to hold different needs time to time, wheter be they cultural, recreational, commercial or for any use requiring for a particular SPACE at a specific TIME. It won’t be the occasion adapting itself to the space, but the space adapting itself to the occasion.


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